I had been interested in the Fila Brasileirobreed many years before I got my chance to  acquire the Fila of my dreams. I have attended dog shows as a visitant and I really liked some of the dogs presented there. I was only wondering why there are such big differences in the physical appearance of the dogs. Sometimes it even looked as if there were various Molloser breeds in the show ring. What if I buy a dog and he  turns into something long-legged and doggy or on the other hand some heavy kind of skinny half-mastiff?  I was in two minds until I got the book „Fila Brasileiro“ by Ing. Jan Kubeša. This book had answers to many of my questions and directed me to a specific blood line of the Brazilian Filas.

  I started to respond to advertisements but still it was not exactly what I really wanted. But through one of the advertisements I met Saša Horáková, an excited and enthusiastic breeder. She put me in contact with a kennel called Dùm života (“House of Life”). 

   It did not take so long to pay a visit and I returned home with a bundle of firm muscles in a stripey handbasket, bearing the beautiful name Dagába Dùm života. Then my interest in the Fila Brasileiro and breeding of this exciting breed even increased. I was collecting information, sorting and evaluating it and in 2001 I became a member of Onceiro, a special cynology club.

  During the international show organized by our club Onceiro at the 50th anniversary of the Filas breed in Europe, I fell in love for the second time. In the puppy class I spotted the B litter (from kennel Ze skalního kraje - "From the Rockies") presented by the breeder Lenka Dvoøáková. A girl named Blanch passed through my eyes and pierced my heart. She has the same father as Dagába – the best Fila in  European history – Ogun Roni de Conal Kennel, imported from Columbia. Her mother, just like the father, comes from CAFIB lines – she is the magnificent Angelika Salve Floresta.

  Blanch inherited the typical character and good health of her father, while she has the beauty and elegance of her mother.  She is a lovely and brave Brazilian girl. She got many excellent ratings at both CAFIB and FCI shows. Breeding is possible under both these cynology organizations, but we respect CAFIB more.

We believe she will become the mother of typical Brazilian Filas. We made this website for her and we hope you will like it. Come in and see our extensive photo gallery. Welcome!